MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 6
Sheet Metal

1.    As usual, create a new folder for your work using your full_name and located in V:\MEC\1011\Fall_10\Assignment6/Tx (where Tx is T2 or T3).

2.    Model a sheet metal enclosure and save the files in your folder (two parts and an assembly)

Conditions and Objectives:

·         Reference the given sketch (Pen version for printing) and this example.

·         Material thickness for both pieces will be assigned to you. For your reference, here’s efunda’s Sheet Metal Gage Calculator and their Gage for Common Sheet Metals.

·         Model all other dimensions at decimal sizes of 3 places or less (i.e .020 or 1.031 but not 2.3452383).

·         Model using SolidWorks sheet metal features (turn on Sheet Metal tool bar).

·         Use Base Flange to form bottom and sides (with a sketch on the Right Plane like a U).
·         Use Extruded Cut and Linear Pattern to model the vents.
·         Use Edge Flange on both ends with drilled holes for a #6 sheet metal screw (follow McMaster guidelines for drill size)
·         BONUS: Use a forming tool from the Design Library to emboss the feet.
·         Use Hem to hem as much of the cover as practical. Hem generously where the edges of the cover are used as handles.
·         In the front use cut to form a Ø ¾” hole for a button and a rectangular opening in the front for a keypad opening. This opening must be 1 ¼” x 2 ½”.
·         Use a d-connector feature from the Design Library to punch an opening on the rear of the enclosure. Locate it in the exact center of the back.

·         Model Loose Fit clearance holes for the #6 screws (see capture at right)

·         Line up the clearance holes on the Cover with the holes on the Base (Concentric Mates between holes).
·         The Base and Cover should have a “line to line” fit, which means that the interior dimensions of one piece should be exactly the same as the exterior dimensions of the second piece where the two pieces mate together.
·         Place McMaster sheet metal screws as needed.