MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 4

  1. Create a new folder using your full_name and located in V:\MEC\1011\Fall_10\Assignment4/Tx (where Tx is T2 or T3).
  2. Create an assembly of parts that demonstrate the following features:

Note: Name your files (something meaningful like, Plate, and not like Part1), and save all files in the folder you made in step 1.

Assembly Features:

·         Mate/Coincident (fully constrain at least one pair of parts)

·         Mate/ Concentric

·         Hole – Use Hole Wizard Only (makes its own sketches)

·         Linear Pattern

·         Inserted download part

·         Feature Driven Component Pattern

Part Features:

·         Suppressed Feature (as in threads)

  1. Fully Define all sketches (add dimensions and relations to make the geometry black and get the ‘Fully Defined’ message lower right).
  2. Key in ‘clean numbers’ for all dimensions.



Made two plates, imported some screws, and mated it all together into a solid part.  Then brought in some nuts to make it a secure part.