Custom Computer Carry Handle

Ben Holleran

Vermont Technical College

Design Communications 1

Midterm Project

Fall 2010

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The purpose of this project is to build a handle that can be easily attached or detached to a computer case without need for modifications to the case.

This will be done using Ratchet straps to attach the handle assembly to the computer case.

Every Friday night at VTC most of the geeks come out of the walls and bring their computers to one of the computer labs and play LAN games. I got tired of carrying my computer before I had gotten five steps, and I decided to make a handle to make my life easier. The midterm project was assigned around that time and I decided to start designing in ernest.

Concept Sketches

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Computer case with handle installed using ratchet straps

eDrawings file

Base Handle assembly

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Handle Stress Testing

Drawing Files

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