Tyler Ladd’s Electronic Notebook



·       Documentation

o  Paper Weight Concept Sketch

o  Paper Weight Orthographic Projection

·       Basic commands and features

o  Block (Model, Image)

o  Circular Patter and Draft (Model, Image)

o  Extrude cut, fillet, chamfer, and mirror (Model, Image)

o  Extrude, hole, and fillet (Model, Image)

o  Loft (Model, Image)

o  Revolved Base (Model, Image)

o  Shell and Rib (Model, Image)

o  Sweep (Model, Image)

·       Beginners assembly


·       Complex assemblies

o  Circle Plate (Model, Image)

o  Puck Screw Assembly (Model, Image)

·       2D AutoCAD

o  Folder 1, Part 10 (see assignment to find part)

o  Folder 2, Part 5   (see assignment to find part)

·       Sheet Metal

o  Box Base (Model, Image)

o  Box Cover (Model, Image)

o  Electrical Box Assembly (Model, Image)

·       SolidWorks Drawings

o  Block (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Dowel Pin (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Stopper (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Drop Stopper (Drawing, Model, Image)

·       Special views and rendering

o  Blob (Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Model, Image)

·       Mid-term

o  Barrel (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Body (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Elbow (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Grip (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Handle (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Pin (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Spring Block (Drawing, Model, Image)

o  Trigger (Drawing, Model, Image)