MEC 1011 - Design Communication I

By: Shayne Circe



Assignment 1 Part Documentation


Paperweight 1st view projection Paperweight isometric

Paperweight 3rd view projection Paperweight drawing

Paperweight concept sketch

Assignment 2 Basic Features


Assignment 2 Assembly

Assignment 2 Drawing

Assignment 3 Assembly Documentation


Assignment 4 Advanced Features


Assignment 4 Assembly Assignment 4 E-Drawing

Assignment 4 Block Assignment 4 E-Drawing-Block

Assignment 4 Screw Assignment 4 E-Drawing-Screw

Assignment 4 Wing-nut Assignment 4 Drawing-Wing-nut


Assignment 5 AutoCAD 2-D Modeling


Piece #4

Piece #11

Assignment 6 Part Documentation and Sheet Metal


Sheet Metal Shell Assembly Sheet Metal E-Drawing-Assembly

Sheet Metal Base Sheet Metal E-Drawing-Base

Sheet Metal Top Sheet Metal E-Drawing-Top

Assignment 7 0 G Donut Holder


Holder Assembly Holder E-Drawing -Assembly

Holder Base Holder E-Drawing-Base

Holder Cone Holder E-Drawing-Cone

Assignment 8 Special View & Sculpted Forms


Shelled Vase Shelled Vase E-Drawing



Assignment 10 COSMOSWorks


Ski Rake+ Shaper Weight

Assignment 11 Screws and positional tolerances


Block Top Block Top E-Drawing

Block Bottom (Threaded) Block Bottom (Threaded) E-Drawing

Block Bottom (Nuts) Block Bottom (Nuts) E-Drawing

Block Assembly w/Nuts Assembly w/Nuts E-Drawing

Block Assembly Threaded Assembly Threaded

Challenge 1


Bath Bath E-Drawing

Foot Foot E-Drawing

Cube w/ Holes Cube w/ Holes E-Drawing

Pole Pole E-Drawing

Bird Bath Assembly Bird Bath Assembly E-Drawing

Challenge 2


Base Base E-Drawing

Handle Handle E-Drawing

Clevis Clevis E-Drawing

Block w/ Hole Block w/ Hole E-Drawing

Final project


Axle Pipe Axle Pipe E-Drawing

Cat Pipe Cat Pipe E-Drawing

Catalytic Convertor Cat E-Drawing

Flange Flange E-Drawing

Hanger 1 Hanger 1 E-Drawing

Hanger 2 Hanger 2 E-Drawing

Final Assembly Final Assembly E-Drawing

Concept Sketch-1 Concept Sketch-2

Midterm Project


5 ft. Pole 5 ft. Pole E-Drawing

Rubber Handle Rubber Handle E-Drawing

Grooming Head Groomer Head E-Drawing

Shovel Head Shovel Head E-Drawing

Hex Nut Hex Nut E-Drawing

Cap Screw Cap Screw E-Drawing

Midterm Concept Sketch