This number is one that surprised me.  I personally wasn’t expecting this to end up weighing as much as it did.  On the other hand, in the design

I made the pole solid instead of hollow, if I were to proceed with the design process I would have to make the pole hollow to reduce the weight.



Along with hollowing the pole to reduce the weight, I would also change the thickness of the walls on the shovel head.

 They added a lot of weight on their own due to their thickness.

After Shelling Pole + Shovelhead to 1/8in.



After shelling the pole but changing nothing about the grooming head I shaved 8.27 lbs. off of the overall weight of the assembly.


After shelling the pole as well as the shovel head I noticed a massive difference in overall weight.  It went from 31.95 lbs. to 11.12 lbs.

This was a total loss of 20.83 lbs. shed off of the original weight.