Manufacturing Shawn Maillet 9/30/10

Plans for each part:

Bucket-Will be made of .30 inch sheet metal and each peace will be cut and fillet welded

Handles-Made from 3x 3 wood, cut to size from wooden board

Handle grip pads-Made of Rubber, going to be molded, screwed to handles

Wheel-Purchased from McMaster

Legs-Made of bar stock Steel, and fillet welded and bent from bar stock, smaller pieces cut to size, holes drilled

Wheel Bracket-Will be bent from .30 inch Sheet metal, holes drilled in both sides

Wheel Axle bracket-sides filet welded to half of a pipe

Wheel Axle-Band saw cut from a larger rod


Min Tolerances

Geometric Restrictions


+/- .1inch over 100 inch

+/-.05 inches on small features

1 min. cavity draft

.5 min. core draft

.10 inch wall

Fillet Welding

+/- .05 inches

No sharp inside corners

No small detail in narrow deep locations

Wood Cutting

+/- .1 inch length or width

Sand down edges and surfaces


+/- 2 degrees


+/- .05 mm on size, shape, alignment

Holes only

Sheet Metal Cutting

+/- .05 inch

No sharp edges

Band Saw Cut

+/- .05 inch

No sharp edges

Presumed Process Capabilities: