Jesse Fox



The base will be CNC milled.

Front Handle

The front handle will be made of wood. It will be turned on a lathe. It will have a hole drilled down the middle to screw onto the base.

Back Handle

The back handle will be CNC milled from a .60 steel plate. Two holes in bottom are drilled.

Front Plate

The front plate will be milled from a 2.80 X .125 width. The sides are welded to the base.

Back Plate/ Blade

The back plate will be milled from .125 plate. It slides freely between the front plate and an angled block.

Angled Block

Cut to size from a steel block and welded to the base.

2x 8-32 Flathead Machine Screw



Presumed Process Capabilities


Min Tolerances

Geometric Restrictions


     +/- .005 in

     No sharp inside corners

     No small detail in narrow deep locations


     +/- .005 in

     3 min. cavity draft

     1 min. core draft


     +/- .01 in over 100 in

     +/-.005 in on small features

     3 min. cavity draft

     1 min. core draft


     +/- .01 in on size, shape, alignment

     Holes only