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MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Challenge 1
To be completed during our First Meeting in week 11

Save your work in the folder named after you in: V:\MEC\1011\Fall_10\Challenge1\TX\Student_Work.


         Reference the given paper and further the design documentation in order of stated priorities and with respect to given conditions.

         Return the given paper with your name on it.


Download standard parts from McMaster.


1.    Fully dimensioned and toleranced part drawings.

2.    Assembly drawing with parts list and balloons.


         If you use a centerline or centermark to locate a feature (instead of a dimension), be sure to note a tolerance on that symmetry.

         Donít forget to tolerance angles.

         Instead of an assembly explosion, consider a broken section view to clarify the placement of fasteners.

         Keep it simple!