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MEC 1011


MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 7
SolidWorks Drawings

Due at the end of our First meeting in Week 5

1.    As usual, create a new folder for your work using your full_name and located in V:\MEC\1011\Fall_10\Assignment7/Tx (where Tx is T2 or T3).

2.    Use SolidWorks to produce a complete set of working drawings for an assembly meeting the same criteria as Assignment 3 (feel free to use the same design as your A3 solution).

To Get Started:

1.    Model your custom parts and your assembly.

1.    From the file menu (in each custom part and in your assembly) in the flyout next to the SolidWorks logo:

Select Make Drawing from Part (or Assembly)

2.    Go with an A (ANSI) Landscape sheet format


Conditions and Objectives:

        Make sure to note your fits (Clearance and Interference) on your assembly drawing.

        Use A-size sheets.

        Include hidden lines only where they add clarity.

        Include isometric views on all drawings.

        Fully dimension and tolerance each part drawing.

        Stock sizes should be found on this list of preferred sizes (consider a fractional dimension style in parenthesis for stock to indicate that no tolerance applies).

        Demonstrate the use of flatness and orientation (parallel or perpendicular) geometric tolerances.

        Use Hole Callouts where appropriate.

        Remember to tolerance all angles.

        Hand in each drawing printed at a 1:1 scale (the drawing can have any standard appropriate scale, but the printing process should be set to 1:1).