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MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 12
AutoCAD Documentation

Due at the end of our Second meeting in Week 10

As usual, create a new folder for your work using your full_name and located in V:\MEC\1011\Fall_10\Assignment12/Tx (where Tx is T2 or T3).


Because of time constraints and the difficulty of working independently with an unfamiliar tool like AutoCAD, this assignment has been reduced in scope from two drawings to one. Also, we’ll do the work mostly as an instructor-led exercise.

Use AutoCAD to produce a complete part drawings.

·         One drawing must require at least six dimensions (ex. block with hole)

·         Another drawing must require both a detail view and a section view


·         Create and properly use the following layers:




Title Block

View Ports



·         Empty Zero layer

·         Layouts with viewports at standard scales, display locked and scales noted.

·         Construction layer frozen in viewports

·         Use a Standard Border and Title block (see advice delow). Title block includes at least part name, scale, material, and designer name.

·         Complete dimensions and tolerances in paper space.

·         Section view includes appropriate hatching.

·         Detail view is accomplished with a scaled viewport and not redundant model geometry.


·         AutoCAD 2011 Help – Create Multiple-View Drawing Layouts (Paper Space)



Start by stealing a layout

·         Open Layout.DWG (V:\MEC\1011\Fall_10\Assignment12\Layout.dwg)

·         Start a new drawing and save it in your folder

·         View/Paletts/DesignCenter/Open Drawings

·         While you’re in your new drawing, double click the Layout called sheet1 from Layout.dwg

Keep it simple!