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MEC 1011


MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 10

Due at the end of our Second meeting in Week 9

As usual, create a new folder for your work using your full_name and located in V:\MEC\1011\Fall_10\Assignment10/Tx (where Tx is T2 or T3).

See how much good stuff you can do with COSMOSWorks. Since Im confused by exactly what falls under the title, COSMOSWorks , let me clarify that Ill accept any type of design analysis (mass, center of gravity, motion, stress, tolerance, interference, etc.)

Feel free to reuse any models that you made before today. Or, make new models

In addition to your models, present your accomplishments in a web page with screen dumps and explanatory text. Casual formatting is OK.

Optionally, if youd like a concrete challenge, save this model into your assignment, and minimize the maximum stress in the part by removing material with a drill (most challenging), a manual mill (moderately challenging), or a CNC mill (least challenging).


1.    SolidWorks Help

2.    SolidWorks Tutorials. Under Machine Design, theres animation and SolidWorks Motion.

3.    Tools/ Ad-Ins will give you access to Solidworks Motion and SolidWorks Simulation.