Assignment 2

Traditional Layouts

(3rd Angle Projections)


Figure 1 – The Three Regular Views



Figure 2 – Front view demonstration





Figure 3 – Think of a “Glass Box” surrounding the object



Figure 3 – Glass Box Unfolded Yields All Two Dimensional Views



Exercise 1 – On page 158 & 159, create the three Orthogonal views.

Do examples 7 thru 22.

Use one sheet of paper per object.

Add a title block and any relevant notes.

To See Acceptable Layout Click Here


On page 86 there are examples of common 3-D views.

They are Perspective, Isometric and Oblique

We generally use the isometric view in Mechanical Design.

Perspective is more commonly used in Architecture and Civil Design.

(However it is a good to know the process of developing these by hand)

Refer to pages 86-94 for the methodology to create isometrics.



Figure 5 – Drawing a perspective view.




Figure – Some additional information you should know: a) a double vanishing point perspective drawing; and b) sketch line types.



Exercise 2 – On Page 160 make the Isometric View of each set of Orthogonal views

Items 25 thru 34


Exercise 3 – Pick any 2 objects from exercise 1 or 2 and create perspective views.

Of these 2, make at least 1 a perspective view with double vanishing points.