Assignment 6


1. Create the models, assemble them and deliver a fully dimensioned set of working drawings for the Support Shaft shown below.

2. ONLY the dimensions shown on the parts should appear on the drawings. You need to include the fits as indicated.

3. The first drawing should have the Assembly with BOM and Balloons. Use Portrait 8 ˝ x 11 thru-out this exercise.

4. Names of the Parts will be identical to those shown below.

5. The set screws and the nut will come from the ToolBox as they are standard off the shelf parts; Parts (6,8 & 9)

6. Assign Materials to the models and make sure they are reflected in the Description in the BOM.

7. Create a rendering of your assembly and save it as a .jpg (set the pixel rate to 2000 x 1500) in you Docs. Folder. Place it in Powerpoint and add your name, Project Title and date to it. (8 ˝ x 11)

8. Create an Exploded View of your Assembly and save it as a separate file. Make a drawing of this as well with BOM and Balloons.

9. In both Assembly Drawings Hyperlink the Balloons to the appropriate Part.

10. In each part add a Hyperlink to the Drawing and vice versa.

11. The following instructions will allow you to create eFiles of your work and get it ready to publish.

a. Create a folder labeled eFiles.

b. Open each part, assembly and drawing and Publish eDrawing to a file in this folder.

c. Create a READ ME based on the example saved under Assignment 6. You will Hyperlink each file to the appropriate file name.

d. Save your README in the “root” level of Assignment 6


I suggest you work in this format.

Create the model (Fully constrain all sketches)

Place it in the Assembly (Fully Constrain each part in relation to the next)

Make the Drawing (Make sure your Material shows up in the Title Block as well as your name and date)

Make sure you have you have 2 Assemblies, 6 Parts and 8 Drawings in your SolidWorks Folder.

You will have 2 Files in your Docs. Folder. (1 jpg and 1 Powerpoint). There will be a README in the root of your directory

You will deliver a paper package of all drawings to me.

The Cover Page will be your rendering and the package will be in order from the Assemblies thru the Parts 1-X and stapled. See sample at front.



Use # 8x1.25 Tap on Base and for matching Set Screw

Use #6 x 1 Tap and Set Screw for the Fork