Making Templates & ToolBox Assignments

        MEC 1011        Fall’07


Definition: TEMPLATE : A Pattern


By dedicating templates to a specific project you will be able to preset various properties in both the model and drawing templates. This will make these housekeeping chores that much easier and eliminate the redundancy of assigning the values to the files.


The keys to successful pattern making are as follows:

1.      Create a folder to place your templates. In the instance of the final it will be in your final folder.

2.    Open an existing model template and modify it.

a.     Using File/Properties add the following attributes:

In this instance you can fill in your Name in the Drawn By, but the date will need to be filled in as you finish the model. Do fill in Material size at that time. This will be the block size that you would order to make the item.

The material value will be recognized by the drawing file.

But you must also assign the material in the feature browser.

3.    This is the time that you can preset the units for all your models.

a.     This is accomplished by going to Tools/ Options/Document Properties and choosing UNITS.

4.    Now you must “save as” a template (.prtdot) and redirect the path to your template folder. (Make the name unique)

5.    Using Tools/Options File Locations add your folder to the Template paths.

6.    Follow the same thinking with a drawing template. In this instance you will “save as” the template as a .slddrw.

a.     The presets in File/Properties might be as shown:

The Project should reflect the name of your project.

You might choose to add your LOGO to the template and so on. Customize it to your liking and save it in your templates folder. Make sure you establish the units as well before you save it.

To add text to the template you will need to Edit the Sheet Format. (Just right click anywhere on the sheet to enter this edit mode)























ToolBox Definition: A Design Library of Industry Standard Parts.


ToolBox Assignments


This is again a housekeeping chore and one that you will have to deal with in all project and all applications.

In SolidWorks you can configure the toolbox to create and save your standard parts to a specified location.

To do so:

Right click in the Design Library Browser and “Configure”


In the Configure Data Window choose Create Parts and specify the folder:

You can expect to something like this for every project.