MEC 1011

Assignment 7:

Challenge Preparation


1.      Create each part of the Gear Puller shown below in Figure 1.

2.   Assemble the Parts as they are built

All parts are to be completely fixed in space regardless of the

fact that the shaft support actually has moving parts.

3.   Create an exploded assembly drawing, Balloon the parts and add the BOM.

a.   Add HyperLinks

b.    in the Balloons to the Drawing

c.    From the Drawing to the Part

d.    From the Part to the Drawing

4.   Make e-files of each SolidWorks file.

5.   Create a ReadMe based on your ReadMe in Assigment 6

(Just Copy and paste that file and rework accordingly)



Attempt to complete all exercises in no more than 3 hours. Then go back and

address areas that gave you difficulty.


Again the order of work should be:


       Model the part

o      (Use Hole Wizard where applicable)(Fully Constrain all sketches)

       Make the dimensioned drawing of that part

o      (Use hole notes where applicable)

       Place that part in an Assembly

o      (Fully Constrain in all Directions)

       Start the Assembly Drawing - it will update automatically.

       Make e-Files of both the Part and Drawing

o      Place in the Docs Folder in their own Folder

       Rework the Readme for Each Part as you finish that part.


Do not expect to completely finish the task

NOTE: Use the Inch Pin Assortment from the toolbox for the Spring Pin.

Use one that is 1/4 Dia by 5/8 Long.

Adjust your models accordingly.