Challenge 2 mec 1011 t4

Fall '07


The rules are as usual:


  1. Create a series of folders to initiate your project. The minimum

number of folders is YourNameFolder, holding DOCS and SOLIDWORKS.

(more are desirable)

  1. Start this challenge with item 1 and create the model and drawing of this item before proceeding to the next item.
  2. Also, create the eprt and edrw for these files.
  3. Start your README document at this time with the first 2 SolidWorks files.
  4. After the first item is complete start an assembly and place that

model in it.

  1. Continue on item by item in numerical order, completing all 4 files

        before tackling the next item.

  1. Use the toolbox to import any standard items being confident you

have established the appropriate path for these items.



Be sure your sketches are fully constrained


Name your models with the name given on the project


Constrain all parts in your assembly as you insert them


Show ONLY those dimensions shown on your original


On the drawing show at least 3 views and the Isometric.

Shade the isometric view.


Show hidden lines on all other views


Fill in the Title Block making sure the material is assigned to the



Modify your Standard Parts as necessary