Challenge 1 MEC 1011 Fall 07


The following are the rules for this challenge!

You have 3 hours ONLY for this:


Take the drawing handed to you and complete the following:


1.     Model each part assigning material and filling in the properties as per convention

2.    Make a fully dimensioned drawing of each part using only those dimensions that appear on the original. Fill in the properties as needed.

3.    Assemble the parts and use the ToolBox parts as appropriate

(Be sure to configure the ToolBox to create parts in your folder)

4.   Make an assembly drawing with balloons and BOM

5.    Link the Assembly Drawing to the Part Drawings.

6.   Link the Part Drawings to the Parts

7.   Link the Parts to their Drawings.

8.    Make eFiles of all SolidWorks Files.

9.    Make a READ ME linking to the e-Files.

10.                       Make a .jpg of the rendered Assembly

11.                        Place it in Powerpoint and prepare your cover page.

12.                       Do print out the exercise and hand in the stapled project.


Be sure to create all folders as per convention in the Q:

I do not expect you to totally finish this exercise.


Grading will be based on the QUALITY of finished materials as well as the QUANTITY.


Ask questions for drawing clarification as necessary

(All numbers appear to be there and the parts can be built as shown)