Jean-Carlo McLure

Electronic notebook fall 05

MEC 1011 Design Communication 1


Other Electronic Notebooks


Assignment 1 Part Documentation

        3rd Angle Folded Paper Models

        1st Angle Folded Paper Models

        Paper Weight Concept Sketch

        Paper Weight Isometric View

        Paper Weight Drawing


Assignment 2 Basic Features

        Part 1 Revolve, Chamfer, Coil, Thread, Extrude, Fillet, Emboss and Hole

        Part 2 Revolve, Shell, Hole and Circular Pattern

        Part 3 Rectangular Pattern and Derived Component

        Part 4 AutoCAD Import


Assignment 3 Assembly Documentation

        Concept Sketch

        Exploded Isometric Assembly

        Base Drawing

        Ring Drawing

        Pin Drawing

        Base isometric view

        Ring Isometric View

        C-Clip (Standard Part)

        Dowel Pin (Standard Part)

        Screws (Standard Parts)


Assignment 4 Advanced Features


        Face Draft




        Tee with Center planes

        Tee with Diagonal Hole


Assignment 5 AutoCAD 2-D Modeling

        Object 1

        Object 2


Assignment 6 Part Documentation and Sheet Metal

        Paper Weight Part

        Paper Weight Drawing

        Sheet Metal Cover

        Sheet Metal Base

        Sheet Metal Enclosure


Assignment 7 Special Views and Sculpted Forms

        Concept Sketch

        Artists Rendering

        Computer Rendering

        Lever Arm Part

        Lever Arm Drawing


Assignment 8 Assembly Documentation

        Base Part

        Base Drawing

        Ring Part

        Ring Drawing

        Dowel Pin Part

        Dowel Pin Drawing


        Assembly Drawing


Mid-term Project Winch

        Concept sketch

        Base: (Part), (Drawing)

        Hitch Insert: (Part), (Drawing)

        Frame: (Part), (Drawing)

        Big Gear: (Part), (Drawing)

        Small Gear: (Part), (Drawing)

        Shaft: (Part), (Drawing)

        Small Shaft: (Part), (Drawing)

        Crank Handle Arm: (Part), (Drawing)

        Handle: (Part), (Drawing)

        Winch Assembly: (Part), (Drawing)

        Base and Insert Assembly: (Part), (Drawing)

        Design Guide



Assignment 9 Electronic Notebook


Assignment 10 Presentation of oil derrick

        Oil derrick in environment

        Exploded assembly

        Complete assembly

        Logical sub-assemblies ( base, drive arm, boom, handle )

Assignment 11 Screws and Positional Tolerances

        Plus minus tolerance ( top, base )

        Geometric tolerance ( top, base 1, base 2 )

        Assembly counter bore

        Assembly threaded

        Cartoon gage


Assignment 12 AutoCAD Documentation

        Object 1

        Object 2


Final Project Winch

        Concept sketch

        Design guide

        Final Assembly (Parts), (Drawings 3 Sheets ), (Exploded), (video)

        Frame (Part), (Drawing)

        Small Gear (Part), (Drawing)

        Big Shaft (Part), (Drawing)

        Small Shaft (Part), (Drawing)

        Spool and Gear Assembly (Parts), (Drawings 2 Sheets ), (Exploded), (video)

        Spool (Part), (Drawing)

        Big Gear (Part), (Drawing)

        Cable Clamp (Part), (Drawing)

        Crank Handle Assembly (Parts), (Drawing), (Exploded), (video)

        Handle (Part), (Drawing)

        Handle and Socket Assembly (Parts), (Drawing), (Exploded), (video)

        Crank Arm (Part), (Drawing)

        Socket (Part), (Drawing)

        Winch Base Welded Assembly (Parts), (Drawings 2 Sheets ), (Exploded), (video)

        Base (Part), (Drawing)

        Hitch Insert (Part), (Drawing)



Challenge 1

        Parts ( base, anvil, hammer, hinge, handle, pin )

        Drawings ( handle, hinge, base )



Challenge 2

        Part 1

        Part 2

        Part 3

        Part 4

        Part 5



Other Electronic Notebooks