Vermont Technical College

MEC 1011 Design Communication

Eric Bornemann

Electronic Notebook

Fall 2005



Assignment 1 – Part Documentation


·        First Angle Projection

·        Third Angle Projection

·        Paperweight Concept Sketch

·        Paperweight Drawing

·        Paperweight Isometric Drawing


Assignment 2 – Basic Features


·        A2-13 modified

·        Circular Pattern, Shell

·        Coil, Chamfer

·        Block

·        Derived Component, Modified from Block

·        Extrude, Thread, Fillet

·        Linear Pattern, Hole, Emboss

·        Revolve


Assignment 3 – Assembly Documentation


·       Hanging Pin Concept Sketch

·       Base Drawing

·       Block Drawing

·       Assembly Drawing



Assignment 4 – Advanced Features


·        Face Draft

·        Loft

·        Ribs

·        Sweep

·        T with centerplane

·        T with diagonal hole


Assignment 5 – AutoCAD 2-d Modeling


·        Iso Drawing 1

·       Iso Drawing 2


Assignment 6 – Part Documentation and Sheet Metal


·        Electrical Box Bottom

·        Electrical Box Top

·        Electrical Box Bottom Drawing

·        Electrical Box Assembly

·        Paper Weight Drawing


Assignment 7 – Special Views and Sculpted Forms


·        Shift Knob

·       Shift Knob Drawing Sheet One  (Use page down to view sheet two)

·       Artist Rendering on Inventor


Assignment 8 –Assembly Documentation


·        Base

·        Base Drawing

·        Block

·        Block Drawing

·        Hanging Pin Assembly

·        Hanging Pin Assembly Drawing



Assignment 9 – Electronic Notebooks


Midterm    Bow Sight


·        Concept Sketch


      Part Model                                       Part Drawing

         Angle Bracket                                   Angle Bracket

             Guard                                                Guard

  Horizontal Index Block                      Horizontal Index Block

         Angle Slide                                         Angle Slide

         Index Screw                                      Index Screw

     Pin Slide Bracket                                 Pin Slide Bracket

          Slide Stop                                         Slide Stop

  Square Head Set Screw                     Square Head Set Screw

      Extension Arm                                    Extension Arm

   Bow Sight Assembly                     Bow Sight Assembly Draw (Use page down to view sheet two)


Assignment 10 – Presentations


·        Bow Sight in Environment

·        Rendered Image of Bow Sight

·        Exploded view of Sight

·        Exploded Animation

·        Drive Constraint Animation

·        Exploded Drawing


Assignment 11– Screws and Positional tolerances


·       Top Plate                          -Drawing

·       Bottom Plate Tapped       -Drawing

·       Bottom Plate Bored         -Drawing

·       Assembly Tapped             -Drawing

·       Assembly Bored               -Drawing

·       Cartoon Gauge                 -Drawing

·       Finding Optimal Tolerances


Assignment 12 – AutoCAD Documentation


·       Drawing with section view

·       Drawing with detail view


Challenge 1: Tolerance Efficiency


           Model                                              Drawing

·       Smasher                                            Smasher

·       Handle                                               Handle

·       Clevis                                                 Clevis

·       Stop                                                    Stop

·       Base                                                    Base

·       Smasher Assembly                   Smasher Assembly



Challenge 2: Modeling Efficiency


           Model                                              Drawing

·       Front Jaw                                        Front Jaw

·       Rear Jaw                                          Rear Jaw

·       Cam Handle                                  Cam handle 

·       Clamping Screw                        Clamping Screw

·       Slide Rod                                        Slide Rod

·       Stop Rod                                         Stop rod

·       Thumb Nut                                    Thumb Nut  

·       Clamping Assembly               Clamping Assembly


Final Project



·        Concept Sketch


         Model                                              Drawing

         Angle Bracket                                    Angle Bracket

             Guard                                                Guard

  Horizontal Index Block                        Horizontal Index Block

         Angle Slide                                         Angle Slide

         Index Screw                                       Index Screw

     Pin Slide Bracket                                Pin Slide Bracket

          Slide Stop                                          Slide Stop

  Square Head Set Screw                      Square Head Set Screw

      Extension Arm                                     Extension Arm

 Extension Arm Assembly                   Extension Arm Assembly

  Angle Slide Assembly                         Angle Slide Assembly

    Guard Assembly                                  Guard Assembly

   Bow Sight Assembly                           Bow Sight Assembly (Use page down to view sheet two)

   Exploded Assembly                            Exploded Assembly


·        Artist Rendering

·        Explosion Video

·        Horizontal Adjustment Video




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