MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 9
Electronic Notebooks


          Assignment 1-Part Documentation

                   -Model 1

                   -Isometric View

          Assignment 2-Basic Features

                   -Paper Weight Model

          Assignment 3-Assembly Documentation



                   -Concept Drawing

          Assignment 4-Advanced Features

                   -T with Center Plane

                   -T with Diagonal Hole

Assignment 5-AutoCAD 2-D Modeling

                   -2D Design 1

                   -2D Design 2

          Assignment 6- Part Documentation and Sheet Metal

                   -Sheet Metal Enclosure Top Model

                   -Sheet Metal Enclosure Bottom Model

Assignment 7-Special Views and Sculpted Forms

                   -Bug Catcher Model

                   -Bug Catcher Pic

Assignment 8-Assembly Documentation

          -Donut Holder Model

          -Donut Holder Assembly

Assignment 10-Midterm

          -Wagon Pic 1

          -Wagon Pic 2

          -Wagon Model

          -Working Video


          -Assembly Model


          -Hook Trunion


          -Side Plate

          -Pulley Pin

          -Nut Lock Pin