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MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 8
Assembly Documentation

(Do-Nut Holder)




1.      As usual create a new .ipj for assignment 8

2.    Start you new Do-nut holder in the assembly mode (.iam).  The holder must consist of at least (3) parts, (2 custom & 1 standard which can come from the content center).

3.    Create a new part and name it appropriately. This part will be the grounded part of your assembly so it is good practice to orient it in a fashion that makes the rest of the assembly easy to create. I made my base first and on the XZ plane, so it appears to sit horizontally in the isometric view.

4.    Make your other parts according to your design with Mr. Johnson or a simplified design.

5.    Make complete working drawings of each part as well as the assembly with Parts List and Balloons.

6.    Show 1 clearance and 1 interference fit.



Assembly Drawing


Base             Holder