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MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 4

Due at the end of our ‘Lab’ meeting in Week 3
Reference Chapter 2 Part Modeling 1 (pp 86-103)

Start a new project named after you and located in V:\MEC\1011\Fall_05\Assignment4\TXA.

  1. Create a new part. Name it T.
  2. Edit sketch 1 and make a T shape. Constrain and Dimension the T to achieve a symmetrical shape in ” increments; ie 1 x and so on. Fully constrain your sketch. Using geometric constraints, make the ‘arm’ width equal to the ‘stem’ width (see Figure 1 but you don’t have to constrain it exactly as shown).
  3. Extrude the T using whole numbers. Save part (already named T). File/Save Copy As to make a new part named T_with_centerplane.
  4. Close T and open T_with_centerplane. Construct 2 work axes as shown in blue in Figure 2.
  5. At their intersection place a work point and thru that work point add another work axis (center axis) parallel to the extrusion (see Figure 2).
  6. Add a work plane thru the center axis and parallel to the plane of symmetry (see Figure 3). Save part (already named T_with_centerplane). File/Save Copy As to make a new part named T_with_diagonal_hole.
  7. Close T_with_centerplane and open T_with_diagonal_hole. Add (2) Work Points at opposite corners (see Figure 4). Connect then with a Work Axis. Now, add a Hole feature on one of the new points and using the new axis as a direction (use the “On Point” choice under Placement). Set Termination to Through All.
  8. Save part (already named T_with_diagonal_hole).
  9. Make a new part, and using your work plane practice create a Loft. Save it as Loft.ipt
  10. Do the same for a Sweep.
  11. Make a simple extruded part and draft all faces with Face Draft. Save this as another file called Face_Draft.
  12. Make an Extruded and shelled part called Ribs. Add Ribs to the interior at regular intervals.
  13. Using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), check your folder and make sure your files are all there. There should be 7 .ipt’s, and 1 .ipj. If there aren’t, see your instructor before leaving.

See sample part including many of the above features

Figure 1

Figure 2


Figure 3

Figure 4