MEC 1011 Design Communication

Electronic Notebook


By Ryan Nolin


Assignment 1


††††††††††† Paper weight concept sketch

††††††††††† Working drawing

††††††††††† Iso Paper model


Assignment 2


††††††††††† Circular Pattern

††††††††††† Coil

††††††††††† Derived Component

††††††††††† Emboss

††††††††††† Fillet

††††††††††† Hole

††††††††††† Rectangular Pattern

††††††††††† Revolve

††††††††††† Shell

††††††††††† Thread


Assignment 3

††††††††††† Doughnut Holder concept sketch

††††††††††† Upper plate drawing

††††††††††† Lower plate drawing

††††††††††† Assembly drawing

Assignment 4

Face draft

Loft feature

Rib feature

Sweep feature

T with center lines


Assignment 5

††††††††††† concept sketch

††††††††††† Section Detail drawing

††††††††††† Section Detail view

Auxiliary View

††††††††††† Auxiliary and broken view


Assignment 6


Electrical Box drawing

Flat Electrical Box

3D Electrical Box

Paper weight drawing

Paper weight 3D drawing


Assignment 7

††††††††††† Shifter Knob concept sketch

††††††††††† Artist rendering

††††††††††† Manufacturing Plan

Shifter Knob drawing

††††††††††† 3D Shifter Knob


Assignment 8


††††††††††† Assembled Doughnut holder drawing

††††††††††† 3D Doughnut holder

Lower Plate drawing

††††††††††† 3D Lower Plate

Base Plate drawing

††††††††††† 3D Base Plate

Mid Term Assignment

††††††††††† Dolley Assembly drawing

††††††††††† 3D Dolley Assembly

††††††††††† Dolley Frame drawing

††††††††††† 3D Frame

††††††††††† Handle Drawing

3D Handle

††††††††††† Caster base drawing

††††††††††† 3D caster base

††††††††††† Lower caster drawing

††††††††††† 3D lower caster

††††††††††† Wheel drawing

††††††††††† 3D Wheel


Assignment 9

††††††††††† Electronic note book

Assignment 10

Mechanism in Environment

Mechanism Presentation

Assignment 11

††††††††††† Top Plate

††††††††††† Top Plate drawing

Bottom Plate clearance

††††††††††† Bottom Plate clearance drawing

Bottom Plate Threaded

††††††††††† Cartoon Gage

Assignment 12


Assignment 13


Final Project

††††††††††† Manufacturing Plan

Pipe Clamp Concept Sketch

Base Plate

Base Plate Drawing

Clamp Bar

Clamp Bar Drawing


Handle Drawing

Handle Grip

Handle Grip Drawing

Side Strap

Side Strap Drawing

Threaded Piece

Threaded Piece Drawing

Rubber Snubber

Rubber Snubber Drawing

Clamp Head

Clamp Head Drawing

Pipe Clamp Assembly

Pipe Clamp Assembly Drawing

Adjusting Clamp Assembly

Adjusting Clamp Assembly drawing

Adjusting Clamp Presentation

Exploded Adjusting Clamp Drawing

††††††††††† Pipe Clamp presentation

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