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MEC 1011


MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 9
Electronic Notebooks

Due at the end of our ‘Lecture’ meeting in Week 10 (extended from 9 due to scanner problems)

It’s time to show off your work.

Main Page:

        Links back to ENotebooks.htm in the Fall_04 folder. Make backward (upward) links absolute when they exit your electronic notebook.

        Contains links to assignment and project pages (in chronological order) like this.


        Contains headings over links to assignment content files (like .dwf, .jpg etc.) like this.


        Some combination of the two

Consider adapting Assignments.htm found in V:/MEC/1011/Fall_04.

Either way, you will be linking to all relevant material:

        Scanned hand drawings (.jpg)

        Images of all parts and assemblies (.jpg) (3D .dwf coming with Inventor 9)

        Whip (.dwf) files of all drawings (.idw) -

Consider a table format like an electronic Bill of Material

Rules of Thumb:

        Avoid spaces in file and folder names

        Limit Image widths to 800 pixels. Use Microsoft Photo Editor (Image/Resize).


1.      Make a folder under Electronic_Notebooks/TX

2.      Make folders for each assignment and the Mid-term Project

3.      Check the list of notebooks and let me know if I need to fix the link yours.


1.      Keep it simple!

Scanning Tips:

HP Scanner (psc 13xx)

1.      Run HP Image Zone (desktop icon).

2.      Place paper face down on glass.

3.      Select ‘From Scanner’.

4.      Select hp psc 1310 series TWAIN, Select. Hp scanning window will open.

5.      Rotate (icons lower left) and adjust rectangular region as necessary.

6.      Select Basic/Resize. Select units in pixels and set the output width to 800 (finish with the enter key).

7.      Output Type/256 Gray Shades.

8.      Select Accept (large Icon bottom center).

9.      Back in HP Image zone select Edit tab/Save As (make sure file type is .jpg).