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MEC 1011


MEC 1011 - Design Communication I
Assignment 5
Special Views

Due at the end of our ‘Lecture’ meeting in Week 4
All items drawn with pencil on
8 x 11 paper

Concept Sketches:

  1. Sketch the design of the part(s) that satisfy the part drawing requirements below. Sketch freehand using any combination of orthographic or isometric views. Include a title at the top, some reference to size, material, how it will work and how it will be made. Include your name, signature and the date.

Working Drawings:

  1. Produce enough complete part drawings to demonstrate the use of various special views including: section (p. 146, 492) auxiliary (p. 148, 490) detail, and broken. Also, produce an example of a multi-sheet drawing. If you can accomplish all that with one part, that’s fine. Use rectangular graph paper and include all necessary views (at the maximum convenient scale in ‘blocks’ – not a measured scale). Also include projection and ‘fold’ lines (lightly), dimensions (p. 139, 500 and see rules in Figure 12.48), tolerances (see p 514 and demonstrate bilateral, unilateral, limit, geometric and decimal place tolerancing), title block (see Figure 12.35), border, and pertinent notes.


1.      Keep it simple!

2.      To determine the maximum convenient scale, lay out a plan for your view(s) as though your object(s) was a simple rectangular block (see Figure 3.17 for iso or Figure 4.27 for ortho). You might even consider sketching a rough draft of each drawing to make sure you have accounted for dimensions etc.