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·        MT 315: Manufacturing Processes
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Description: Description: Description: bornemann

Composting Windrow Turner, Eric Bornemann Spring ‘06

Description: Description: Description: Render_Fun_4

RC Flying Wing, Shawn Clement and Partners Spring ‘05


Description: Description: Description: http://web.vtc.edu/MEC/wirestrp.gif
Concept from the Thermaldynamics Wire Stripper Spring '01


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Mechanical Components

Friends of the Department

We’re thankful for the support of many friends including private philanthropists, members of our Advisory Committees, and professionals who visit our classes and work with our students.

Vermont Tech students are making good use of a rapid prototype machine, donated to the college in 2004. The machine allows students to output their designs into a hands-on 3-D plastic model to quickly learn how their designs translate from the computer to the real world. The approximately $30,000 Stratasys Dimension Rapid Prototype Machine was acquired by the college through Perkins Grant funding and a $21,000 donation from philanthopists Marjorie and Ralph Crump

Description: Description: Description: alpinesnowguards

Description: Description: Description: Roof_RidgeAlpine SnowGuards donated $5,000 to buy material for our rapid prototype machine. We’ve been building some parts for them


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