Welcome! All of our company information is posted on this site. If you have any questions or a suggestion for something to add please let us know.
    We are an open source group, always looking for ways to better our product to fit the needs of the consumer.
    For those new to our product the documentation page should help get you started. If that's not the case feel free to look at our contact info in the about us page.

  Product News Headlines

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  Upcoming Product Deadlines

    *Board design ~April 5, 2008~
    *Board built ~April 20, 2008~
    *Board tested ~April 29, 2008~
    *GUI ~April 25, 2008~
    *GUI tested ~April 29, 2008~
    *Security Device ~May 1, 2008~
    *Security tested ~May 1, 2008~

  Outsider Suggestions

    Develope security so that a person is unable to fake the activation signal.

    Allow for aspects of the device to be custom designed for the companies unique needs.

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