Phoenix Game Operating System

What is Phoenix?

Phoenix is going to be a game console that uses computer hardware as a base. It will have an operating system (OS) that is specifically designed to run a single program or game. A storage device such as a CD or zip disk will be used as a game 'cartridge'. The cartridge will hold the game and the OS in a single executable that will be launched during the computer's booting process.

Why Phoenix?

The name "Phoenix" comes from the mythical bird that burns and then rises anew from its ashes. Just as with its namesake, the Phoenix operating system rose from an earlier, unsuccessful attempt at building an operating system started by the VTC Computer Club. This older system was called "KOS" which was short for the "K Operating System" (no relation to the KDE desktop system). Nobody knows why the name KOS was choosen; most likely it was completely arbitrary.

Thus Phoenix rose from the ashes of KOS.

Who is involved?

Peter Chapin - Instructor.

Nicholas Guertin - Message passing in the kernel and testing.

Curtis Aube - Video module, game pad module and bootloader.

Wei Yao Lin - Thread handling, keyboard module and generic input module.

Why are we doing it?

This project is for our Computer Engineering Degree senior project course: CIS-4712. Our hope is that this project could be expanded upon in later years by other students in similar degrees. This project could be a great instrument for learning about the intricacies of how operating systems work.

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